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Market Opportunities & Turnaround Solutions - Professional Experts - in finance, marketing, including Mark Baker & Stewart Shuttle

*We provide you with the Ability to

*See the big picture, Pro-active and can-do approach to business development and developing an improved business strategy

*Engaging with exporters & overseas buyers in opportunities into and out of the United Kingdom

*Genuine desire to achieve success and contribute to delivery, culturally aware and able to adapt style and approach depending on situation

*Encouraging the development of opportunities for developing strategies in looking to global markets, including visiting potential clients either in UK or globally or presenting them at events, with appropriate briefings &/or presentation materials,

• Marketing and Research: qualitative and quantitative, including market segmentation & analysis of new or potential markets together with sector analysis. Providing post covid research for Central & Bedford Councils using Focus groups and questionnaires/surveys on implications to communities Providing discrete research or facilities or profiling candidates for assignments or positions

*Providing financial solutions to Businesses: bank loans, trade credit, commercial mortgages & card payments

• Obtained new clients whilst active in seeking & new clients, using market intelligence, planned strategy & activities attendance at appropriate workshops, tradeshows/missions* Ensured and developed compliance systems with 3rd Parties and in-house company procedures.

• Built customer intimate cultures through consultancy enabling relationships which are mutually beneficial and are subject to continuous monitoring and improvement.

• Developed strategies & systems in assimilating, analysing, budgeting, forecasting and proposal/report writing, using appropriate software & electronic tools.

• Initiating, pioneering, mitigating and problem solving

• PC skills and PC applications, utilising standalone and online systems including development and usage of the company’s CRM system, recording, updating all data and activity enabling multi segmentation analysis.

*EDI integration & compliance planning Marketing & Research, whether you would need introductions or advice into the UK or you’re in the UK looking for new markets either countrywide or for product/sectors just ask Data Storage in a way to suit your needs, enabling a myriad of opportunities in storage & recovery of data.

Accounting & finance we can provide solutions in developing your planning & strategy for the best way forward for your entity.

Examples where we have for fees, (mixture of Project/daily rates and commission assisted entities):

Brand Ambassadors for major paint company, food/ confectionary, & tech companies with full reporting & analysis of B2C clients, but could be B2B

A Middle Eastern Embassy in providing them with educational support for the establishment of new learning establishments in their country plus flexible learning in the UK, liaison with Governments and their respective agencies Working with education organisations in Bangladesh to establish an joint facility in Dhaka & the UK, this involved liaising with Governmental & quasi ministry organisations, with personal representations to British Embassy, British Council, Home Office, and associated personnel in capacity of being suppliers. As a side project which started in Dhaka, I observed such wastage and health issues of decaying matter, so on return to UK investigated a pipeline of ideas of using this to solve a major problem in developing economies poor power supplies.

UK company wishing to startup a beverage mail order business, this included: product sourcing, packaging, contacting potential business to business opportunities, website design, data analysis.

Similar to the above assisted a Portuguese wine cooperative in establishing a online website for supplying wine to consumers in the UK, this involved discussions with suppliers, tax authorities, trade events finding unique advertising opportunities, this included visits to their wineries in Portugal, this project was from an introduction from their Embassy here in the UK.

Due to my position as a Regional Manager with an International / Global Bank, frequently researched potential new banks to form relationships, in this capacity established their representative / branches in the UK, for Scandinavian & Turkish here in the Central London, this was the design of all documents, e.g., Cheques, stationary & Marketing materials, liaison with the Regulatory authorities here & in Turkey.

An Indian company asked us to provide support in providing high value staff for their Indian & UK, operations, this required investigating a little-known skill or profession, joining working groups, trade organisations, coupled with sourcing & recruitment of potential personnel, advertising in appropriate area, profiling, security clearance, working with Fraud & Compliance teams in the Utilities worldwide with work with Telecom industry.

Experience of distribution/logistics company working with EDI and invoicing & trialling the online website to exploit the opportunities for finding return loads creating increased utilisation of resources, this included being member a member of the EDI congress team.

Working in consultation with a software company to train, implement, a drafting tool for Lawyers & Solicitors for a major Law firm in central London, this included writing manuals, workshops, scoping the documents.

Following an article in a computer trade magazine, was interested the CRM & web software packaged, which from initial discussions lead to becoming a training, centre & reseller of their products, including visits to Norway & background market intelligence on supply lines.

Introduced Mind mapping training into educational colleges, and reselling products to B2B enabling greater visual and easy planning being able to drawdown and develop strategic ideas which can easily be converted into PowerPoint or text documents

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